In my experience, there are lots of different types of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons at varying stages of their careers. Obviously, that also applies to practices. While our largest client is a six-doctor practice with multiple locations, we often work with solo doctors. It’s always interesting to see the dynamics of practices at their different stages. Many more practices could achieve better results but are blocked by internal staffing issues and politics between doctors.

But, whoa… when the right team comes together and has the assets that we provide, the results are electric! In the face of corporate dentistry practices and growing referral pattern changes, we are witness to our clients achieving success while competitors are being left behind. Last week, a client shared with me that our joint efforts had forced his two other competitors to sell out. They literally had to go to work for someone else… one to a Pediatric Dentist!

The simple fact is that we have the team and the tools to help you achieve everything you want in your market.

Please, if you get a chance, please call Dr. Lesneski and congratulate him on the success of his Second Chance program. Now in Year Two, this practice is changing the lives of people in their community. It’s so powerful, and the response and outreach from the community has been tremendous. Dr. Lesneski shared that people called him on the phone to thank him, and people he never met before stopped him in the grocery store and commended him.

Here is the news coverage from the past two years as well as the most recent social media coverage:

Links from last year:



First Surgery:

Year 2:


First Surgery: 5 airings across NBC, CBS, and FOX news.

NBC published 2 social media posts yesterday about the surgery. They have gotten fantastic feedback and engagement! Their FB page has 119,911 followers. This top screenshot has a whopping 44 shares and 134 comments!

I look forward to speaking with you. Please contact me for practice success analysis. Let our team design a plan to win for your practice.

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