They decided to “HIRE NUVOLUM” and I say that with all caps to illustrate the enthusiasm they put into their work with us!

Look at them now and see the results of a formula that grows stronger everyday. They saw an opportunity & they made a decision to win. They have harnessed the power that rises above corporate practices & GPs doing more implants & thirds cases.

If you will please search the following terms to see for yourself:
“Oral Surgeon Tri Cities WA”
“Wisdom Teeth Removal Tri Cities WA”
“Dental Implants Tri Cities WA”

If you look at them online you will see a clear demonstration that these surgeons at Columbia Basin OMS have connected with their community in a way that is so powerful that their presence grows stronger and stronger by working with Nuvolum.

You can too.

Also – if you want to see how awesome their website is just Google their name now. Email me for the plan to set your practice apart that will leave your competitors scratching their heads.

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PS – check out this video to hear what they think about working with Nuvolum.