I recently sent you an email about the future of Artificial Intelligence in your practice operations. Right after that, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the clinical side of AI and how it will be applied in practices. You can read that article here:

The AI Doctor Will See You Now – The Wall Street Journal

Recently Anthony Hall, our Director of Experience, and I chuckled about the fact that 15 years ago we were working on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and AI for large healthcare organizations. To see where IBM – a partner of ours back in those days – has taken Watson is amazing. Whether it’s the Google platform that will enable your front desk to be a chatbot or the decision support tools that will enable you to make better clinical decisions, this new frontier will be exciting to say the least.

I could drop a lot of names now from those days and there are many more now that are playing a part in the future of ML/NLP/AI in healthcare, which is exciting because we are within reach of reducing your costs and providing better/consistent patient experiences. It’s not science “fiction” anymore: it’s just science.

I’d like to share our ideas with you. If you contact me, I can share how to see the applications of the future working in your practice so you can better understand what our skunk works team is looking at right now.

“10:1 ROI with Nuvolum happened at our practice.”
-Dr. Russ Lieblick 

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