In the near future, your appointment scheduling person may not be a person at all!

After Google I/O and the demonstration of Duplex, where a digital personal assistant (aka a “chatbot”) was able to book a hair appointment, Microsoft is doubling down on AI with its acquisition of Semantic Machines.

Enter the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race and, just like my prediction regarding mobile and semantic search, I predict that within two years there will be a product that can intelligently function as your appointment scheduler. Coupled with expectation that many people will have to schedule an appointment online without any voice interaction at all, and you have just reduced your costs!

By the way, your new scheduler will also be able to purchase office supplies, book airline tickets, and purchase your spouse the “perfect” birthday gift when it finds it on sale.

I know a company that is already working on it! I also know they have been developing a system that can onboard new employees and train your existing employees far more effectively than what you are currently doing! For a 15-minute demonstration of that platform, please call me. I will be delighted to show you NuvoEDGE.

I invite you to call me.