In my opinion, no one is more qualified to extract wisdom teeth & place dental implants than oral & maxillofacial surgeons. Yet, we see the market changing in front of our eyes.

Many of the OMS’ I speak with regularly say that every day they experience GP’s & Super Dentists doing more and more cases that they used to refer out to OMS’s.

What’s driving these changes?

  • GP’s with more competition
  • Newer GP’s are straddled with more dental school debt-They simply can’t afford to refer cases out of their practices and pay off their debt
  • GP’s are experiencing more competition & decreasing salaries-There are more dentists coming out than ever before
  • Corporate practice of dentistry is now over 20% of the market

The consequences are that GP’s doing more extraction cases, decreasing wisdom teeth referrals and cherry picking the easy cases all while increasing the more complicated/impacted thirds cases they are doing. They are “internet” or “weekend course” qualified to do so!

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