It’s always a pleasure to report outstanding results with a client. It’s what we live for at Nuvolum!

I want to share that indeed you can win and secure your position as the dominant player in your market.

Every day I speak with Orthodontists that want to make sure their stream of patients continues to flow & their practices grow in the face of new competition. The main concern I hear about is the super-dentist and corporate practice of dentistry.

While you are continuing to provide the highest standard of care, you are being undercut on price by profit driven GPs and corporate practices. What makes it worse is the corporate practices are looking for margin contribution through cost containment, group purchasing power, unified marketing efforts & ultimately squeezing the quality out of the industry. This degrades the market on a whole and erodes healthcare consumer confidence.

PLEASE think about the inadequate care that is being provided by dentists who lack the training to achieve the right outcomes for patients. We all know it happens every day in every market.

Nalchajian Orthodontics is an example of one of our clients that is achieving great results. They have been a phenomenal client to work with because they are focused on doing the right thing for their patients and they are achieving great results.

If you want to know more about how you can achieve this too, please request a 5 minute phone call with me here.

To the continued success of your practice.

Best regards,