“…With Nuvolum, at the beginning they promised that they would only work with one surgeon, or one group in any geographical area. If you’re the guy in that area, you’re their guy…It does give us a competitive advantage."

David A. Park


“Nuvolum would be a great asset to your practice, and would definitely increase your internet presence and increase your bottom line."

Russell Lieblick


“Our experience with Nuvolum has been outstanding. Not only has Nuvolum shown us that they are extremely knowledgeable, but they have been so professional in developing the videos and the photos. They’ve just been really excellent to work with, really fun people to work with. It’s so worth every minute that we’ve spent."

Brandon Rehrer


“One reason that we hired Nuvolum is because we felt like it was a company that had a similar passion for what they did in their work...They had the vision of how they wanted to take their company and incorporate our company and make it successful. And for us, it’s like synergy...I think that’s the greatest compliment of any company."

Alexandre Balaci


“I finally came across Nuvolum…They provided me with solutions that I could not find with any other corporation or any other group. If you’re an oral surgeon and you’re considering changing marketing firms, I highly recommend that you consider Nuvolum."

Amir Marashi


“I’m truly excited; I’m very energized and excited about the path my practice will take with the help I’m getting from Nuvolum."

Lawrence G. Falender


“It’s a great experience. If you are looking to up your image, to be different from everybody else in town...if you’re looking for somebody that knows what they’re doing, this is first class business."



“…I signed on with Nuvolum, and...this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire professional career. It’s going to do wonders for my practice, and I’m just looking forward to the culmination of all this work that everyone has put forward and how we make this work to make my practice grow and prosper."

Eric R. Claussen


“If you want something that is spectacular and that nobody else has that will help you dominate your competition, this is the company to go with."

Lindsay Knapp

Practice Administrator

“Working with Nuvolum has been phenomenal. They are an outstanding company to work with and the services they offer are equal to that...If you are an oral surgeon who’s looking for a marketing firm or looking to change the service that you currently have, I highly recommend working with Nuvolum, because you certainly don’t want your competitors working with them."

Donna Germann

Office Manager
“The exposure has been great and the team has been fabulous with communication and working towards getting us through the entire process.”

Summer Womack

Office Administrator

“I have really enjoyed the process of hiring Nuvolum and getting started. One big surprise is the speed; we discuss it, we get it scheduled immediately, and it happens very quickly. I’ve never seen anything such as the setup that goes on for the video and photo…It seems very flawless and comfortable.”

Christopher J. Price


“We know from working with this group that they will stop at nothing short of perfection. That’s what they want and that’s what we want…We know that whatever they do for us is not only in our best interest, but we are going to be very happy with the final product...I would recommend this company to everyone out there, without reservation.”

Junil Ahn


“The unique thing that Nuvolum offers is their engagement algorithm, which brings a whole other facet to the practice growth...With that aspect, you’re able to grow your practice in a manner that you didn’t believe was achievable. When you’re making an investment with your time and your practice, it’s important to go with somebody that will make you stand out...I really like their hands-on approach; they are always available. I would definitely recommend their services."


Nuvolum is an integrated marketing firm focused on creating experiential solutions for Oral & Facial Surgeons. Our unique engagement algorithm produces powerful results.


noun: The new illumination of distinguishing assets and attributes as generated through innovative media, text, design, and effort.

Ex. The extraordinary talents of my oral surgery practice were highlighted and expounded through the services of Nuvolum.

"Continuous innovation is what we do"

− Jock Putney, Managing Partner at NUVOLUM

We conduct your free marketing analysis: learn about your current market area and how we can shine a new light on your existing assets.

Sign up with Nuvolum: once you become a client you are part of the Nuvolum team. Through collaboration, innovation and constant communication, we create the presence you always knew you deserved.

We design a world class brand that represents your practice as an extension of you, your market and your services.

We build out, optimize and consistently update your new website so you are always on the cutting-edge and your online presence is one you can be proud of. Patients will appreciate your easy to navigate site and functional features.

World-class video and photography: our team comes to you to shoot on-site video overviews and patient testimonials. We produce high-quality work with professional results.

Constant communication: we do a lot to keep you where you need to be, and make sure your questions are always answered. With Nuvolum, you’re never in the dark.

Thorough analytics: with our ongoing comprehensive analytics, we stay on top of and ahead of local trends. We always know where you stand and make sure you do, too.

Programs and campaigns that project your expertise and benefit your local community. You have the incredible opportunity to make a difference and we have the tools and the team to do it.

Expert PR: our experienced Public Relations team engages in various publications and media outlets to ensure you are seen as an authority in your field and in your market area.

Our innovative Social Media Team consistently monitors, manages, protects and elevates your online reputation and presence.

Consistent engagement through social signals and proven strategies conducted the right way ensures web traffic increase and that patients find you with ease.

Staff development consulting is essential to your practice’s success and domination. We work with your staff to positively create a consistent image across your online and offline presence.


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