Not surprisingly, the biggest trends we’ve noticed are essential on their own, but even more powerful when they work together. Keep reading and see for yourself. We have proven solutions to take advantage of top trends, be seen as the leading provider in your community, and win your market.

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Integrated Care & Chatbots
Many providers have integrated a secure online portal into their practice that allows patients to schedule or cancel an appointment, email their provider, view lab results, and more. Chatbots and virtual health assistants are on the fast-track to commonality, despite being in the early stages of recognizing the full scope of what AI can really do. With Google’s demo of Duplex and Microsoft’s acquisition of Semantic Machines, we are in the middle of an AI Arms Race.

NuvoEDGE is much more than an onboarding tool or Learning Management system. NuvoEDGE incorporates and combines elements of Human Capital Management software with a robust education portal that delivers videos and written content curated specifically for the needs of the practice, including talent and workforce management; repetitive training, consistent messaging, and onboarding; employee retraining and “upskilling”; and consultative services support. With the use of our innovative system, you can experience the next level of success for your practice by increasing efficiency and morale, improving employee retention, lower cost of training, and setting up all staff members to succeed.

More than ever before, it is critical that every asset is cohesive, reflective of your brand, and personalized for your patients. A defining feature of the patient experience is the level of care received. Every step of the way, patients want to feel a superior quality of care. According to Epsilon, 8 out of 10 consumers are more likely to patronize a business that provides a personalized experience. Another study showed that over half of consumers were found to be more likely to switch brands if communications were not personalized.

OPES was created just for our OMS clients with their patients in mind. It meets your patients where they are, personalizes the experience, and sets the tone for the high level of care they will receive inside your practice. OPES is a game-changer. Please contact me as soon as you can to find out how you can use it competitively in your practice.

Reviews in Healthcare
Patients actively seek out other patients’ experiences. They want to be reassured and feel confident in their decision to come to you. In fact, 81% of patients will read provider reviews even after they have received a referral. Online reviews provide potential patients with key insight that influences their decision. Hearing from past patients about their experience sets the tone for what they can expect from you as their provider.

Our clients enjoy the peace of mind and many benefits that SIXSTAR offers. SIXSTAR amplifies the quality and quantity of patient reviews, which means an elevated online reputation, amplified patient base, and more. Ask us about it!

We’re on top of the trends, and have the winning strategies to prove it. Learn more about these strategies and other winning approaches by calling me today.

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