Are you happy with the current state of your practice?

You may have heard the new buzz about having purpose as a brand in the marketing world. That’s because the landscape is changing, and traditional marketing efforts just aren’t enough anymore. Let me tell you why.

More brands are becoming purpose-led: bringing their Vision, goals, and values beyond their own company to life. As such, more and more brands are evolving into having more meaning. Meaning drives emotional engagement, which in turn drives loyalty (more on that later).

We are experiencing a shift in the marketing paradigm – instead of consumers purchasing from brands through exclusively traditional marketing efforts, consumers, especially Millennials, are prioritizing brands they believe in and those which they feel genuinely care about them.

According to a recent study from Edelman, 66% of Millennials who participated in the study stated they factor a brand’s beliefs into their purchasing decision. This demonstrates that consumers are becoming more purposeful in what they decide to purchase, and from whom.

Adjacent to being a brand with purpose is a brand that cares. Another study found 79% of US respondents only purchased from brands that demonstrated care and understanding for its customers.

Put these two huge factors together, and you find that more consumers not only want their brands to show their value, but to share it.

How does all of this hold up for OMS’ against the rising DSOs?

As an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, you’re used to being the best of the best. Now, in your market, it’s not just about your immediate competitors across the street, but about being compared against every competitor across every tier. Patients are becoming more purposeful in their purchase decisions, which directly affects where they decide to go.

Your practice offers maximum value where DSOs just can’t compete. Providing the highest level of patient satisfaction by optimizing every step of their experience is expected from patients, but a luxury that DSOs just can’t provide.

88% of consumers in the US desire engagement from brands that set new standards to meet their expectations. 74% reported that a higher level of customer service can help brands achieve that.

Nuvolum has believed in marketing with purpose from the beginning. Every asset must have undergone careful deliberation, strategy, and execution, and aligns with every goal and intention for the practice. Nothing is out of place. We believe that is at the core of all successful strategies, experiences, and growth. We have proven this formula over and over again for our clients.

When you become a practice that understands its purpose and how to maximize the patient experience, you can enjoy:

  • Stronger patient and referral relationships
  • Greater engagement
  • Brand loyalty
  • Increase to bottom-line
  • Holistic practice success

Nuvolum can optimize every asset for you, including what is arguably the most important asset: your staff. Our Consulting division identifies and dials in the internal operations of your practice in a way that is proven to get the best results. Every practice plan that we create is as unique and exceptional as you are, and based on years of experience knowing what truly works.

I want to show you how we bring every part of your practice together in a way that your competitors can never replicate. Call me to find out how to experience your perfect practice.

Best regards,

Jock Putney