Drive Innovation

Nuvolum sets the trends in healthcare marketing and positions organizations for success by continuously innovating new paths and amplifying assets.

Advanced Thinking Meets Enhanced Results

We believe a cutting-edge approach is the best approach. With a desire to continuously innovate the innovative, Nuvolum sets the bar for themselves and their clients to achieve new heights. Technological accomplishments, a deep knowledge of trends, and a passion for people create best-in-class results that we happily share with our clients.


Nuvolum founded OPES CLOUD based on a need we saw in the OMS market. We noticed a need for increased website engagement so patients could feel confident and informed about their treatment. We knew we needed a way to reach our patients with relevant and timely information to increase their engagement and understanding so they could have a better experience.

OPES CLOUD is a patient engagement platform designed to communicate with patients when and where they need it most. Taking a personalized and proactive approach to treatment communications comforts and informs the patient throughout their treatment. It’s a first-class concierge experience patients can’t get anywhere else.