Our team has put together 5 tips you can implement in your practice right now to ensure your best thirds season yet.

  1. Win Powerful Reviews.
    Did you know that 85% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation… and that 68% will leave a review if asked? With the influx of patients for the summer, it’s the perfect time to get your reviews strategy in order. You can enjoy a steady stream of quality reviews designed to influence more patients to come to your practice for seasons to come. How? We have designed a system that can get your reviews running like nothing else. Checkout Columbia Basin Oral Surgeons as an example by Googling “Wisdom Teeth Tri Cities WA.” That’s just one example.
  2. Achieve a High-Performance Team. 
    A happy practice equals a successful practice. Having a high performance team means having a team who knows your operations (and their roles) inside and out. They will not only make your life easier, but they will enhance the experiences of your patients and drive more cases. We have developed a proprietary formula implemented by experts that can supercharge your practices staff performance – quickly.
  3. Strengthen your referral relationships. 
    Even though it’s a busy time of year, you can never be too busy for your referrals. Nurture old relationships with social media shout-outs, thank-you notes, and treats. Remember to keep the lines of communication open by following up and following through often and consistently, with both your referrals and their patients. Continuously providing exceptional service also encourages new referral relationships. Do you look at your referrals social media…Facebook or Instagram?
  4. Improve your social media presence. 
    Engage with your patients across all platforms this season. Take pictures, share on social media, and invite conversation. This level of engagement provides the interactivity your practice needs and the level of care your patients want to see. When you do that – make it fun!
  5. Have fun! 
    Remember, a positive attitude goes a long way. Your patients want to know they are in experienced and caring hands. Personalizing the experience for your patients makes them feel comforted, safe, and cared for.

For more tips on how to achieve success this summer, and for seasons to come, call me for a practice success analysis. I look forward to speaking with you.