Siouxland Oral Surgery has the highest star rating and number of reviews. Current data indicates that positive reviews influence trust about a business. In addition, Siouxland is also in the first position in organic search.

Ratings and reviews matter because patients are doing their homework. It’s not enough for patients to trust a referral anymore. In fact, 81% of patients will read provider reviews after they have received a referral. Hearing from past patients about their experience sets the tone for what they can expect from you as their provider.

Consistent, high-quality reviews an elevated online reputation, increased trust, and an amplified patient base. Considering that one out of every 20 searches on Google searches is related to health, your online presence is too important to ignore.

It is essential to win in search and have the right image and reputation – the message you send to your patients will play a critical role in defining their experience with you.

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