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Cybersecurity Macrotrends to Watch

The number of cyber attacks reached an all-time high in 2020, according to Forbes. Without adaptive cybersecurity tactics that follow technology’s trends, your business could be vulnerable to the next cyber attack.

A solid digital foundation ensures the security and support of your business while protecting its assets, its people, and you. Cybersecurity is a critical element of keeping any modern business safe, with the goal of safeguarding data and preventing unauthorized access.

Macrotrends in Cybersecurity

Right now, several key macrotrends dominate the current cybersecurity space. 

  • AI and Cybersecurity Integration 
    • While hackers are trying to use AI to create more realistic phishing attacks, AI can help cybersecurity software identify risks more accurately and efficiently, leading to faster problem solving and better outcomes.
  • Car Hacking
    • Today’s vehicles today are outfitted with automated software, Bluetooth® capabilities, WiFi access, and more. Hackers can gain control of the vehicle, eavesdrop, and access synced user data. 
  • Threats to Remote Users
    • Many companies were not prepared for the COVID-related remote workforce—as a result, many employees used personal devices that have never been a part of a network security policy and have never been scanned. This is a huge advantage to hackers. 
  • Mobile Users Are a Moving Target
    • Handheld devices are a shimmering target for hackers. They contain personal and location data, photos, bank information, and virtually everything else about you and your online engagements. If your business relies on mobile devices or an app, you must maintain a proper line of defense for users. 
  • Cloud Storage Trouble
    • While your business’ cloud may be a safe space, users on the other end could be leaving the door wide open for cyber attacks. Many breaches in data occur on the user end; irresponsible use of financial information, downloading malicious software, and biting the bait on phishing attacks. 

Hiring a Cybersecurity Expert Is the Right Way to Protect Your Business

Cytek is a leading cybersecurity firm for small and mid-size businesses that specializes in cybercrime prevention and regulation compliance. At the forefront of the next generation of cybersecurity, Cytek ensures your business’ valuable data is secure and accessible.

Small businesses are more at risk for cyber attacks. Even if your company has its own IT department, having a cybersecurity agency perform a risk assessment saves you time, money, and resources. However, if more time is spent on lower priority defenses, you are still at risk. Cytek allocates resources based on the highest exposures to deliver the right balance between protection and running the business. 

Make sure you understand the value of your data and how your organization is using it. A big part of a cybersecurity company’s role is education and training. As a business owner, you are busy with day-to-day activities and may be detached from privacy acts and new legislation that affects your data. Cytek educates businesses and their employees on the steps to take to maximize security. 

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Taken Seriously

In 2021, the digital economy has experienced unforeseen challenges and now thrives more than ever on effective cybersecurity. Knowing that your valuable information is secure both on the inside and outside lets you focus on your business and keep digital threats at bay. 

Should data be leaked, it could result in identity theft and costly crippling data misuse. Trade secrets, protected health information, and intellectual property are all at risk for unauthorized access, which can completely jeopardize your business and the people in it. 

Your company is worth protecting. When you turn to an industry professional, you’re investing in the safety of your company’s information and the efficiency of expert data storage, security, and management. Experts like Cytek always work with a purpose to make life better for you and your business.