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Additive Manufacturing

Investing in Technology to Grow Your Bottom Line

2020 was an unprecedented year of technological growth. As the world was forced to rethink the way that we live amidst a global pandemic, new innovations across supply chain, ecommerce, biotech, and healthcare delivery took center stage, showing the resilience of our population. 

Pioneers in the supply chain space have been unknowingly preparing for this moment for decades, as new investments were made in automation and sustainability. These investments led to production and distribution processes that are increasingly flexible, fast, and can be performed at a lower cost. Central to the creation of these resilient supply chains is additive manufacturing. Once an expensive novelty, 3D printing has become a staple for a wide variety of manufacturing processes—from creating customized, intricate, and bespoke products to contributing to large-scale assembly lines for mass production. 

3D printing’s role in the healthcare space continues to grow, as providers leverage the technology across their spectrum of care, including creating surgical and drill guides, replicating organs and bones, and creating custom prosthetics. And as 3D printers become more widely available, healthcare professionals can decrease the time and cost of creating the custom parts they need to provide an outstanding outcome. 

Oral surgeons remain on the forefront of the creation of custom dental prosthetics, investing in imaging and 3D printing to create teeth that are designed to last a lifetime. Practices can now bring the best in clinical results and patient experience to their communities, creating a powerful marketing tool that drives new cases. 

Health care has played a tremendous role in the current news cycle over the past year, driving new earned media segments to the specialist community. When surgeons can provide patients with convenient, fast, and accurate results with fewer appointments and at a lower cost, there is a unique story to tell that entices potential patients. Practices are gaining local media coverage across the country by featuring advanced technology like 3D printing and reaching new patient populations in their community. 

As 3D printing allows patient outcomes to match surgical quality, patients become walking and talking billboards of the practice, showing off their gorgeous new smiles and telling everyone they know about this life-changing experience. In patient surveys by SIXSTAR Reputation, these practices saw a higher level of patient overall patient satisfaction across implant and full-arch cases and generated more 5-star reviews. 

These reviews are critical to attracting new patients in today’s digital landscape. The average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business and spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making a decision. 84% of these consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant, and 48% only pay attention to reviews written within the past 2 weeks. Investing in new technologies that generate buzz in the news, on social media, and among the community can help practices generate consistent, high-quality 5-star reviews that capture these consumers.

Practices all over the country are harnessing the power of Nuvolum’s marketing and experience engine to tell these stories and drive new cases to their practices. From building media relations to generate coverage and utilizing social media to share new technology to leveraging our world-class video production capabilities to bring this experience to life, Nuvolum provides practices with a unique opportunity to amplify the impact of their investment.