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Optimizing Your Content For Research Article Hero


Optimizing Your Content for Search

Understanding search intent is the difference between your online content making or breaking it. Ranking high in search positions you as a leader for specific queries, helping you dominate your market. If you’re continuously at the top of search results, you increase brand visibility and drive more traffic to your site. 

To be at the top of search results, you must understand and incorporate search intent into your online content. This gives users what they’re looking for, appeals to search engines, and earns you a click from the search results page. 

More clicks = more site traffic = more business for you. 

When optimizing content, keywords are the first tool to look at. Keywords are an instrumental part of searching and ranking, but they are a dead end if they don’t align with search intent. Nowadays, the top results won’t include the keyword searched because Google has gotten very good at predicting user goals and displaying the most relevant content based on intent, not keywords. 

So other than keywords, how can you know what to put in your content? 

Turn Relevance Into Ranking

Ranking success is measured by how high your site ranks for specific search queries, which is vital to your success as an organization. A good digital strategy is a combination of search intent, user experience, and other SEO strategies. Working together, these elements keep content relevant and contribute to high-ranking success. Set your brand up for success by keeping these concepts in mind: 

  • Research your market. Find out where you stand in search rankings currently and analyze what competitors are doing to stand out. 
  • The majority of searches are informational. Use this to your advantage by supplying informative content combined with the analytics found through research. 
  • Write for people, not computers. People searching for information in healthcare gravitate towards results that are helpful, trustworthy, and easy to understand.

How to Start Winning Through Search Intent

  1. First, find out what you want to rank for. What searches do you have answers to? How do you want people to find you online? As a healthcare organization, you may want to be at the top of results for searches like “surgery center near me” or for specific services you provide. 
  2. Now, you need relevant content. The more specific your content is to search goals, the more search engines will display it. You should also optimize your pages to appease different searches, which means more site traffic. 
  3. Finally, you want your content to be good. Keyword-stuffed pages may appeal to a search engine, but it quickly turns away users. Be clear and forthcoming with information while making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for. 

A good digital strategy will set you apart from the competition. Understanding and applying search intent and user experience together will move your organization forward. When you partner with Nuvolum, we bring you to the top with full support from our experts at every step.