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Rising Student Debt

The Impact of Student Debt on the Dental Industry

While dentistry is an evergreen profession, high interest rates and massive student loans prevent many young doctors or dentists from moving into private practice ownership and increase the appeal of higher salaries offered by corporate practices. The pressure to jumpstart repayment has forged a new and increasingly popular path to financial success.

A popular corporate dentistry model places greater emphasis on financial gain and less focus on the patient experience. DSOs are becoming more popular every year; however, this is happening at the same time that healthcare consumers are taking charge of their own medical decisions and want options without sacrificing a positive experience. If you belong to a DSO, how do you make sure patients receive the best possible experience? If you are in private practice, how do you compete with the larger budget and lower cost of services provided by large corporations?

At Nuvolum, we stay on the pulse of current and upcoming trends and provide winning strategies that ensure you give patients the experience they want while leveraging your reputation as a leader in your market. We provide top tier strategies that drive growth, set brands apart, and outperform the competition.

After years in the healthcare marketing industry, we discovered a formula that generates results for practices across the country. We have refined this proprietary knowledge into our own operating programs proven to generate results practices just can’t get anywhere else. The new model of dentistry is here to stay. What systems do you have in place to ensure your success?

Adapting to the changing dentistry market—and paying off those student loans—is critical to your financial success. Providing an outstanding experience is essential to your longstanding success and reputation as a dental provider. Let Nuvolum help you raise the bar.