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The Future of Post-Pandemic Interactions

January 2021—It’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we interact with each other. Although words like “COVID pod” and “social distancing” are the buzzwords of 2020, the human condition relies on social interactions for comfort, clarity, and trust. Virtual or physical, we expect to find these experiences everywhere. Enter microinteractions.

Although microinteractions have been popular in online optimization strategies for years, the pandemic has emphasized and accelerated the need for these virtual touch points. As many more people have increased their cell phone and social media usage, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have the right strategy in place.

Nuvolum clients use OPES CLOUD to provide enhanced experiences in a relevant way. As an optimized engagement platform, OPES CLOUD delivers high-quality content to patients at the click of a button. But the true value of OPES CLOUD? Users are not only visiting the site, they are interacting with it. They aren’t having one experience, they’re enjoying a series of superior experiences. Patients who receive OPES CLOUD messages are more informed and satisfied with the quality of their care. Clients who use OPES CLOUD have increased website traffic and time on the site. It’s a win-win.

Microinteractions like OPES CLOUD messages help the end user feel valued and informed. When you feel valued and informed, your experience is more positive. It’s that simple.

Reaching out to your base in a way that makes sense to them instills confidence in your brand. It tells them that you know their needs before they know they need it. It’s a powerful advantage to be able to have that strong of a connection with your base.

Opportunities to create experiences that are purposeful, useful, and trustworthy are everywhere. As an integrated marketing and PR firm, Nuvolum helps clients across the nation reach their target audience. We identify and design strategic channels to generate peak engagement and create meaningful experiences to ensure you get the recognition and lead generation you deserve.