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Using Technology to Master the Patient Experience

Healthcare uses technology to improve workflow efficiency, deliver more accurate diagnostics and treatment, and improve the quality of care for patients. As technology becomes more intertwined with each step of the healthcare process, we can view it as a direct—and vital—factor into the patient experience. 

Patient experience is a way of looking at every aspect of a patient’s care from the first interaction through treatment and recovery. As a healthcare organization, you can control every aspect of technology and how patients interact with it. Scheduling appointments, check-ins, care instructions, appointment reminders, and more should all fall effortlessly into the hands of your organization’s technology.

Positive patient experiences will set a healthcare organization apart, and it should be an important daily goal. Anyone can expect to receive care from a healthcare organization. However, once a patient has an outstanding experience, and those experiences become standard, the organization becomes positioned as a leader among the healthcare community. This leads to a higher brand reputation, drives patient engagement, increases growth, and results in better clinical outcomes.

The mastery of utilizing technology starts with an exceptional practice management software. A dependable, top-notch software creates transparency for the patient at every step and generates ease of use for every member of your team. DSN Software integrates with specialty practices seamlessly, making day-to-day operations more efficient than ever before. Both your patients and staff will benefit from an optimized workflow and top-level tools. 

DSN’s user-friendly software feels natural in the hands of your team and contains all of the resources you need, designed for your specialty. These tools and more give your practice an advantage over others in your market: 

  • Electronic Medical Records that you can import quickly and use a sophisticated module to identify potential drug interactions, organize charts and anesthesia records, and more
  • Collaborate between referring offices seamlessly with referral tracking and analysis
  • Manage inventory by quickly scanning items and linking them to patient records
  • Simplify scheduling with automated templates and quick-view
  • Includes a bundle of E-services to streamline workflow 
  • Safely store data in the cloud, where your trusted network can access it at any time

Technology is an essential tool that your practice needs. By choosing the right technology, you can provide superior position yourself as a healthcare leader and provide better patient experiences.